Friends of Cherry Hinton Brook

Purple toadflax (Linaria purpurea), a plant of garden origin that seems quite at home along the Brook.

The Cambridge Lakes

Between Cherry Hinton Brook and Cherry Hinton (see map below) lie three lakes that were formerly chalk pits. We believe that these lakes should be open to the public, as do the recently formed Cambridge Lakes Project, although details of our policies differ.

For a full version of our policy on public access to the lakes, see submission and our response to policy 15 of the draft. In brief, we believe that:

Map of ownership of the Lakes

A difficulty in any attempt to open up the lakes to the general public is the complexity of their ownership. This Google map shows what we believe to be the ownership pattern. The areas shown are approximate and carry no legal weight. Apparent overlap between areas is due to inaccuracies in the sketch maps we have seen. If you have any more accurate information, please let us know.

Land owned by Cambridge City Council to which CHADAC have access
Water owned by Cambridge City Council from which CHADAC may fish
Land owned by Cambridge City Council to which CHADAC do not have access
Areas owned by private owner 2
Lake and land owned by private owner 1